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Make informed Business Decisions

Credit Express, helping small to medium business reduce risk in decision making

Business credit express enables you to:

  • Check a company is legitimate
  • Confirm an organisation's details such as ACN & registered address
  • Find out an organisation's structure, including shareholder details
  • Check a company's credit history, including the directors behind it

Search now to begin accessing potential risk of people you do business with.

  • Investigative Report

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    For larger investments: a detailed investigation into an organisation including detailed financial information, company structure and operations.

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  • Company & Director
    Credit Report

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    A Director's credit history can be more important than the company itself: a fast, comprehensive assessment of a company & its Directors including a risk score.

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  • Company Credit Report

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    A quick assessment of a company's credit history including a risk score. Suitable for small to medium businesses.

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  • Company Extract

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    Check ASIC records for legal entity name, structure, address, director/s, shareholder/s and more. Recommended for verifying legitimacy of an organisation.

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  • Bankruptcy Check

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    An online check of bankruptcy details including information such as on administration type and number and grounds of bankruptcy.

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  • International Report

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    Access to a database of international reports totalling more than 65 million companies & a one-stop global network of credit investigators.

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